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Open data API Request userhash

Request userhash

Userhash is an alternative way of identifying yourself to the API (from version 1.2.1).
It is a random string assigned to your account and it can be used to access the API by having parameter "userhash=" in the request URL instead of the usertoken and passphrase.
This method is introduced so that CORS requests can be used without compromising the credentials of your account.

The hash can be created and renewed when needed with the form on this page. If you are using a userhash currently in an application, a renewal will cause any requests with the old hash to fail.
In case you need to change your hash, and ensure that your application still works without interruption, you could, for example, use two accounts that can be switched around.

Please insert the usertoken and passphrase of your account to request a userhash (N.B: when you submit this form the userhash will be renewed automatically):