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Important information for HSL API-users

Dear HSL data user,

The old HSL Journey Planner ( will be discontinued at the end of November, causing changes for API users, too. HSL will continue to develop open data and open APIs. We hope that the transition to the new APIs will not cause you any issues and you will still be able to utilize the APIs for your needs.

The following changes will take place in the autumn:

  1. GTFS zip file will be relocated on 31 August 2017.
  2. The old Classic Journey Planner will be discontinued by the end of November and at the same time the routing API ( and other outdated APIs will be run down.
    • Instructions and addresses for the new APIs can be found here: , partly in English.
    • We recommend you to start using the new API as soon as possible to enable us to respond to any development needs in the operation of the API.

In case you have any problems, please send us a message on Facebook, Gitter or Twitter

Reittiopas API Developer’s Guide

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) offers access right to the old Reittiopas (Journey Planner) interface and the new Digitransit platform for applications and services that support public transport usage and transport information availability. There are multiple ways to access the timetable and route data:

  • Digitransit with new HSL and nationwide data, APIs and source code (GTFS, OpenTripPlanner, MQTT, GraphQL, Relay, React.js, vector tile maps etc.)
  • with new and experimental data, formats, APIs and source code.
  • Old HTTP GET interface, which gives a response in XML or JSON format (to be discontinued after 2016)
  • GTFS format data dump file, which contains stops, routes and timetable data in simple spreadsheet files (CSV) standardised by General Transit Feed Specification
  • Old format data dump XML file, a legacy nationally standardised file
  • Other old APIs

Use of these interfaces is free of charge. Distribution and re-use of HSL information is allowed. Due to limited service capacity, HTTP GET interface queries from each account are limited to max. 5000 weighted queries per hour. Documentation is available only in English and HSL takes no responsibility of possible errors or damages caused by documentation. If you find an error or have an idea how to improve the documentation, please tell us via the contact form.

HSL reserves a right to inspect applications and services before granting access to the interface. HSL may revoke access rights whenever necessary, for example in case of excessive traffic to the interface or misuse of the service.

New: Digitransit

HSL has developed the new realtime journey planning and passenger information platform Digitransit together with Finnish Transport Agency's The coverage of the service is nationwide and takes into account realtime data where available. The service can combine all modes of transport including public transport, airlines, private car, walking, cycling as well as citybikes. In addition to the open data and APIs, the source code is also open at Github.

How to access the data:


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